Advice on how to be creative

I enjoyed this career advice from Hugh MacLeod. It sounds like he might be writing a book on the subject, I hope he does!

Here are some opening thoughts, by no means a definitive list:

1. Add 25% to amount of hours you work every week, and fill them with fun, interesting, useful, stuff. Google allows its employees 20% of their work time to devote to their own personal projects. If your employer won’t allow you to do this, you should unilaterally make the time for yourself, hence the extra 25%. Your peers in the office may think you weird at first, but after a while it’ll start paying off.

2. I had no life in my 20′s. Get used to the same. While my peers were partying or zoning out to TV sitcoms, after work I’d head for the coffee shop or the bar, and crank out cartoons until bedtime. Sure, I must have looked a real lonely ol’ saddo, sitting there doodling away in the corner by myself, but at the time I didn’t really care. I really enjoyed doing it, plus I knew I was on to something. Besides, the typical twentysomething TV-and-Budweiser-enhanced nighttime existence didn’t interest me too much. Tis more blessed to make than to consume etc.

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Also i liked this other comic of his:

Thanks Hugh!

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