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GPS on OpenMoko

The (closed source, binary only) driver for the Hammerhead GPS chip in the OpenMoko phone was finally released today. I took it for a little spin, and it seems to work correctly. Getting a fix took a long time, but … Continue reading

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What is 2^212000?

Why, funny you should ask! It is 22860238865971226293576965102299691848055401442188097638545776608016184607034338 48118668123858487022720794903945910702909758446349167035898073101999172612648449 68490596888748772777443833047110984972904425017432740889628567171761769966950932 71723831303835110693239363237575168029714412670883649006591951670131788611326420

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$40 drill press

My dad tipped me off on a pretty good deal at Harbor Freight; they have a sale on a tabletop drill press that normally retails for $70. This is a pretty amazing price; I would be hard pressed to find … Continue reading

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Brewing, its like cooking only manly

We brewed up a pumpkin porter today. I remembered to bring my camera along, so here is a look at the brewing process:

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Solution to the Laser Harp mechanical problems.

I woke up Thursday morning with the solution to my laser harp woes: to solve the problem of being able to align each of the lasers individually, I will put them all on tripod mounting platforms so that they can … Continue reading

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Science Cafe: Do Robots Need a Bill of Rights?

Do Robots Need a Bill of Rights? Implications of Artificial Intelligence GUEST: David Calverley (another scientist TBD) A philosopher and a computer scientist will discuss progress in artificial intelligence and how we should prepare for this new population. Friday, Nov. … Continue reading

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Laser Harp guts

A long time ago (a week already?) I got all the parts for the laser harp in, and built up and verified the boards- everything seems to work as expected (MIDI in and analog in were not tested, but are … Continue reading

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