PAReX Autonomous Robotics Competetition

The PAReX group is holding an autonomous robotics competition this December 1st, from 10am to 3pm, with events in maze solving, mini sumo and line following.

for more information, see:

I’m planning to enter a robot in the Maze Solving category. I found a pretty kicking single board computer (the Atmel NGW100) to use as the brains for the thing. I plan on using my VEX servomotors and metal bits to construct a prototype frame, and ordered some Sharp GP2D12 and GP2D120 distance sensors to use for navigation. My goal is to keep it simple, and focus on building reusable components. I plan to program PIC microcontrollers to do peripheral control, leaving the main board free to do the high level decision making bits. Also, because the SBC runs linux (its kickin’, I tell you), I am planning to write the main controller in Python (or a similar language), so that it is easier to reconfigure and tune.

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