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PBJ Pancakes!

Surely this has been accomplished before, but in an effort to consume the last remaining edibles contained in my cupboards, I observed with strange delight the fact that I had just enough pancake mix for two pancakes, and ample amounts … Continue reading

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First steps towards a robot: GPIO on the NGW100

After the arduous task of getting Python to cross-compile for the AVR32, the next step was to relax a bit and take a stab at getting some preliminary communication with the I/O ports going (which is the first step towards … Continue reading

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MC Frontalot: It is Pitch Dark

This is a little bit late, but its the latest video by MC Frontalot: I wish I had a basement like that one…

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Building Python on the NGW100

So for a (hopefully) evil advantage in this robotics competition, I decided to use an NGW100 AVR32-based embedded Linux platform. This board was interesting because it is cheap, and seemingly is powerful enough to let me program the bot in … Continue reading

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Multimedia Keys and Linux

I’ve had a Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard for years, however I have somehow managed to ignore most of the extra keys that don’t work out of the box until now (I got them working at one point, but something happened … Continue reading

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laser harp, part II

(click picture for a video of the harp in action) I spent some more time today and got a 5-key version working. The input circuit is very basic, just a resistor divider with the photo cell as one side of … Continue reading

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PAReX Autonomous Robotics Competetition

The PAReX group is holding an autonomous robotics competition this December 1st, from 10am to 3pm, with events in maze solving, mini sumo and line following. for more information, see: I’m planning to enter a robot in the Maze … Continue reading

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