Am using the feisty fawn

Over the weekend, I made the switch from Gentoo to Ubuntu (Linux distros, y’all). Though I certainly enjoy using Gentoo, I decided that I am finally busy enough with other things to want to mess with keeping all the programs on my desktop up to date. Installation went basically without a hitch (i am using the x86_64 flavor). The only issues that I ran into were that I messed up the GRUB bootloader installation (because I thought I knew better then the install program did), and the system did not properly detect my widescreen monitor. Fixing the resolution issue only involved adding that mode to my xorg.conf file), and the Ubuntu install cd actually allowed me to boot from my hard disk, so I could sidestep the bootloader issue on my hard disk. Everything seems to work- I am really impressed!

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2 Responses to Am using the feisty fawn

  1. kevin says:

    Glad the switch went over well. Things go a little quicker when you don’t recompile everything from scratch all the time… even if those GHz are sitting idle now.

  2. mahto says:

    thanks man, yeah the switch went pretty easily and setting things up is really much faster. I’m a little bummed that my processor doesn’t support hardware virtualization, because I wanted to play with using virtual images to manage some of my software and give me a 32bit environment to develop OpenMoko in, but its finally a halfway valid excuse to upgrade :-)

    Also, to be honest I haven’t fixed the grub issue because I haven’t needed to reboot my pc yet. I suppose I should get to that pretty soon…

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