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Using the ICD-U40 with linux

update: I modified the script to allow a filename to be passed to it for immediate flashing. The ICD-U40 is an in-circuit programmer for Microchip PIC processors, and the company that makes it,CCS, was nice enough to provide linux drivers … Continue reading

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OpenWRT on the Netgear WGT634U

I remembered that I got this WGT634U a year ago in order to make a music player (a la, and I never got much farther than installing a copy of OpenWRT on it (ok, so I was able to … Continue reading

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Am using the feisty fawn

Over the weekend, I made the switch from Gentoo to Ubuntu (Linux distros, y’all). Though I certainly enjoy using Gentoo, I decided that I am finally busy enough with other things to want to mess with keeping all the programs … Continue reading

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