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Laying low in a tropical hideout

I’m off to Japan, catch all you cats later! I’ll try not to make any claims about posting pictures, but if I get a chance I certainly will.

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Firmware hack for Powershot S3

I picked up a new camera to play with on my trip, a Canon Powershot S3 (they are last years model and are substantially discounted). I was plenty happy with the features it already had; its a big step up … Continue reading

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Beer Festival!

A few weekends ago, a group of us went up to Flagstaff to check out the Sun Sounds Made in the Shade Beer Festival. Although the beer that was there was excellent, there was noticeably less than I had expected … Continue reading

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Concert of Colors, Detroit…

Anyone planning to go to this over the weekend (July 19-22)? It looks interesting (and it’s free!), too bad i’m not in town… TMBG is even playing on Sunday.

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Ideas for fun phone applications

I ordered an OpenMoko phone last night, and I had a little brainstorming session about funny things I would like to see in a phone that aren’t commonly implemented yet. Here is my list so far: Software Ideas: Voice Shifter: … Continue reading

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This phone, I want…

The OpenMoko project is developing a completely open source mobile phone platform, and the first version is supposed to go on sale next Monday… Imaging the possibilities. A phone that you could do anything with, no holds barred. If we … Continue reading

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Terrorism Threat Level Alerter!

The Terrorism Threat Level Alerter is a fine piece of artwork that is as attractive as it is useful. The current threat level is clearly indicated by one of the five colored lights, and the threat level is continuously updated … Continue reading

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