Python es muy fácil

In approximately one hour last night, I was able to learn enough python code to build an extremely simple GUI to demonstrate the Terrorist Threat Alert wireless link. The hardware design is finalized, I just need to spend some time to finish laying out the new board and to build it. The only thing after that is to write some glue code to check the current threat level (I’m thinking to write that in PHP, and have it reside on my web server so that I adapt to any changes they make without updating the actual TTA program code). This is probably equivalent to two solid nights of design work.

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2 Responses to Python es muy fácil

  1. Becky says:

    Who is Python, and does she know you’re calling her easy?

    Things have been crazy lately, but I just got a chance to pop by your web page – okay, so I’m actually supposed to be getting ready for work and will have to rush around in efforts not to be late, but hey, I don’t want to go anyway – so….

    I love the new blog header, it made me laugh. I need to find some time to make shannon find some time to fix the template I downloaded, or to show me how to do it since the template seems to be hiding half the script.

    I never see you online, probably because I’m never online anymore, and I don’t think I have an email addy for you, so here is our news for all the world to see: Shannon and I are expecting a baby early next year. But shh – we haven’t told our families yet and won’t for a little while. Right now it’s surreal – aside of feeling like crud all day and all night, and feeling like I’m turning into a walrus, it hasn’t hit me yet.

    Oh, and I think we found a place to live, so we won’t be needing your cardboard after all.

  2. mahto says:

    whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaa that is really big news!!! congratuations!!!!

    …teaches me not to keep up with the comments…

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