Unix power to solve Valentines Day puzzle

This is completely late to post, but a mysterious friend of mine sent me this postcard:

I got the first three words (and filled them in) after a small amount of time, but couldn’t come up with an answer for the fourth. So, i decided that searching the dictionary was my best bet.

grep -E ^[^bfojpgmxzqwr]{3}k$ web2

I got this list of words:
asak Atik Beck cack calk cank cask cauk cuck cusk dalk dank deck desk dhak dick dink disk duck dunk dusk Dyak hack haik hank hask heck hick huck hulk hunk husk kaik keck keek kelk kick kink kunk lack lank lask leak leck leek leuk lick link lisk luck lusk naik neck Nick nick sack sank seak seck seek Shik siak sick silk sink suck sulk sunk tack talk tank task teak teck teuk tick tink tuck tuik tunk tusk yank yelk yeuk yuck

My favorite was hunk, but after she fessed up i found out it was actually yuck.

Thanks Emily!

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