Now! Picture site is back up!

Update, 5 July 2010: In the time since I made this post, I have switched my photo hosting over to Flickr, and have not migrated my older photo galleries over. If you would like access to these photos, please contact me. This post remains for historical purposes only.

After an angry bout with Coppermine (the picture management system I used to use), I switched over to Gallery 2. This has the advantage of actually working with my hosting provider, and it seems reasonably adequate for what I want to do (post pictures!). The first gallery is here, from a hike I made with my friend a few weekends ago:

Extra! Unix command line of the day:
Batch resize a collection of pictures easily with the command mogrify. To resize all images to 1024×768:
mogrify -resize 1024x768 *.jpg
Make sure you dont overwrite your original pictures though!

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