Anything but to do homework

New website! This time I’ll go with WordPress instead of Joomla!. It was much easier to set up, and perhaps more appropriate considering that I didn’t need most of the features that Joomla! was providing. Hopefully it will also prove to be more secure, or I will prove to be more vigilant at backing my data up.

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  1. Conk says:

    You continue to be my hero of web site design. Even if you don’t write the code completely on your own. Question: how do you make your personal blog echo on livejournal? Is that a packaged feature or did you code it yourself?

    I aspire to write my own code for everything, but I think that might be my downfall. Reinventing the wheel, just so I can be sure it looks just the way I want it to.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the complement. All I really have here though is a vanilla install of WordPress ( I found a little plugin that automatically cross-posts anything I post here on LiveJournal to achieve that other magic ( I didn’t find anything to handle comment cross-posting, but conceptually it doesn’t seem that difficult. I’m a really big fan of the CMS approach to website design.

  3. Thommy says:

    Hej Matt :) .. I’ve changed my blog for a year in wordpress too. I like it more, than my old blog-system ( And the best are the plugins. ^^

  4. Becky says:

    WordPress! Shannon and I just switched our web pages over to wordpress too. We used Blogger for a long time, but WordPress is so much easier to work with.

    Now you have to blog lots so I can stalk you. *shifty eyes*

  5. admin says:

    Hey Thommy! Sorry I didn’t notice your comment right away- I didn’t have my email notification set up correctly. Which plugins do you like? Ive been wanting a calendar for a long time and found Event Calendar, ( im looking for a good picture gallery-I think i’ll give ANIga gallery ( a try…

  6. Thommy says:

    For Example .. I have a Countdown-Plugin. But your Calender is nice too .. perhaps i take it over.

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