The “lazy man’s” nightstand

End table

Here is a pretty simple end table that I built using some scrap wood and nails. If you’ve got some extra veneered plywood, finishing nails, and access to a chop saw and band saw (don’t have them? join Hack Pittsburgh!) it should be pretty straightforward to make your own. The pillar is made up of four identical rectangular pieces and two small square pieces. The rectangle pieces are mitered along their long edge, and the square pieces are then sized to fit into the center hold formed when the rectangle pieces are assembled into a pillar. Once they were cut, finishing nails were used to assemble the pieces into a square pillar. Finally, the top was made of two larger square pieces, which were nailed onto the pillar in an arrangement that seemed pleasing. Sharp edges were sanded down, but no further finishing was applied.

Once I got it home, I added a lamp and a set of typographic character coasters given to me by Windel and Lenore of Evil Mad Science Laboratories. I’m thinking I will do a more polished version of the nightstand once I get my engraving machine working :-)

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