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Second Phoenix DIY Meeting

I had the privilege of attending the second Phoenix DIY group meeting tonight. This time, Chris Coleman, Mark Rehorst and Kelly Bedson gave presentations. Becky was kind enough to take some pictures. (via

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Beer, glorious beer

My friend and I brewed a double batch of Cactus Milk Stout on Sunday. For my half of the batch, fermentation picked up almost immediately (I popped the smack packs a day in advance), and appears to be over as … Continue reading

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Bon Jovi vs. George Michael: Careless or Dead

This is pretty late, but its pretty sweet… I got such a warm reception from the first person I sent it too, i thought maybe some of you would like it. The Kleptones – Careless or Dead (Via boingboing)

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Return of the robot!!!

Ok, now that I got through all of that techie documentation stuff, here is what I ended up with: I am experimenting with pyro to do RPC between my host computer and the robot. In the above video, the robot … Continue reading

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Simple Serial-Based PWM Controller

This is the PWM controller that I came up with to connect to the NGW100. It is set up to handle 8 channels for now, however it should be easily expandable to 10 channels, and even to 20 or 30 … Continue reading

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Enabling extra serial ports for the NGW100

In an attempt to get this robot up and running quickly, my plan is to offload the device I/O to a PIC processor connected through a serial port. There are four UART devices (AT91/AT32) built into the AP7000 (system diagram), … Continue reading

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